Version 1.2, 1st November 2004

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The aim of frogger is to make your way from the bottom to the top of the screen, avoiding moving traffic in the road, and landing on floating objects in the water, until you reach the five bays at the top.

Use the arrow keys to move and the space-bar to pause/resume.

Performance note: the game is very processor intensive; it will probably run best if you close down any applications you're not using.

Hints and tips

Frogger is essentially very simple - it's all about timing - but advancing more than a few rounds takes a great deal of practise. Here's some stuff to look out for:

That's you that is
Cars travel in the center lanes and move very fast. It's very difficult to get through the small gaps between them, but there's always a larger gap in those lanes.
Trucks travel in the outer lanes and move quite slowly. You can walk between the trucks as they're moving, and sometimes this is necessary to get to the gaps in the faster traffic.
Cop car
From Round 4 onwards, you'll see the occassional cop car travelling off the road, up the center or bottom bank, from left to right. They travel very fast, but there's an advantage that when a cop car is on the screen, it leaves a corresponding gap in the left-to-right fast lane of the road.
Log Leaf
The logs and leaves will help you get across the water. They travel at different speeds relative to each other, and in both directions; as they get sparser it becomes more important to work out your route before leaving the bank.
From Round 2 you'll see crocodile logs in the water. You can land on their back just like normal logs, but if you land on their head it will kill you.
Throughout the game, these little critters appear in random places on the screen. If you get it in time (within 20 seconds), you score an average bonus of 10 points.
If you manage to get to Round 9 you'll see this guy; you need to stay away from him because he kills you on contact. However that's easier said than done ... because he follows you! If you get to Round 17 there's two of them ..


Many thanks to Franz Dolegeal, Gabriel Pradiipaka, Tolli Einisson, Pauline Wilson, Marius Kolff, Deanna Sterling, Ronald Baronner, mordred and Spudhead for providing translations.

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